Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 14 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15.00%
Additional terms Commissions are paid after 60 days of completed purchase, on or around 15th of the following month. Commissions paid on subtotals, before shipping and after any discounts.
Hello there and welcome to the TAoPaN Affiliate Registration!

We are very excited to start this program, as we know how many of our loyal customers and fans rave about our products and feel the same way we do...they might as well be paid for it!

TAoPaN - stands for The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn and was founded by Ana Brandt.

We sell items related to pregnancy and newborn worldwide.

We are happy to introduce our new affiliate program and reward our customers with 15% commissions on those who shop thru your affiliate link.

We are opening this Affiliate program to the TAoPaN Members only at this point.

Please fill out the application enclosed and allow up to 2 business days for acceptance into the program.

We expect that all those who are accepted into the TAoPaN Affiliate program will represent our brand and products with care, just as we do. If you sell maternity gowns, children's dresses, or baby knits, we ask that you not apply.

By submitting this application, you are agreeing to our Affiliate program terms and policies (listed within this email).

We welcome your application and look forward to working with you!

Ana Brandt and the TAoPaN Team

TEAM TAoPaN | The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn

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TAoPaN Affiliate Program Terms and Policies

We are currently providing this opportunity to TAoPan Members ONLY.

Affiliates will earn 15% commissions on product sales through their affiliate link.  Affiliate commission funds will be paid in USD.

We will have a 14 day cookie window for shoppers.  To learn more about this, please click HERE.

Commission payouts will be paid after 60 days on approximately the 15th of the following month, give or take a day or two for holidays and weekends.  This allows for all orders to be produced and sent to customer before payment is issued to Affiliate.

Minimum commission payout is $50.00.  If you do not have enough commissions for a payout any given month, your commissions will be held and be cumulative until you hit the $50.00 threshold.

Commissions are paid on subtotals, before any taxes, shipping, or country fees.  If customer uses any coupons, commissions are paid on lower price.  TAoPan does not pay import duties or fees of any sort, nor are Affiliates expected to do so.

Affiliate commissions will not apply to any DEAL's that TAoPan occasionally offers, including but not limited to: Photodough, Spend $59 receive $99, and the like.  These types of deals and discounts will be excluded from the program.

Affiliates are not eligible to receive commissions on their own discounted membership orders.  Affiliate personal orders must be placed through the non-affiliate website, as normal, with their membership discount.

All members of the TAoPan Facebook pages and current and previous TAoPaN customers are off limits for Affiliate commissions.  Please go out and market to your own clients, friends, photographer colleagues, and families for your Affiliate sales.

No software scamming of any kind will be tolerated in this program.  

TAoPan Reserves the right to remove anyone from the program if guidelines are not being followed in the manner expected.

Please forward all questions regarding this program to

We look forward to working with you!